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How to Promote Your Business in Thailand?

Irrespective of the type of niche you are selling online, marketing is the key to grab audience attention towards your business. Studies reveal that almost 20% of the total business budget must be dedicated to advertising only. Whether you are targeting the audience online or offline, it is important to follow an active branding strategy.


Mindfulness Activities For Children

Mindfulness is the use of the five senses to interact physically and non-judgmentally with your surroundings. When you do anything with mindfulness awareness, you do it with all your attention and energy.

Anything can be done with mindfulness, even, something as simple as eating your breakfast. For example, you can guide your kid to pay a keen interest to the texture of the food. Ask them how the kind of food they are eating keeps their body healthy.


7 Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions Bangkok.

For several decades, women have used different things to improve the appearance of their eyes.  A recent improvement in the enhancement of women’s eyelashes is the discovery of eyelash extensions in Bangkok. 

Eyelash extensions are several individual eyelashes that are stuck together to the current eyelashes and normally last for about a month before the next touch up. They are easy to remove and are a quick fix to improve the appearance of eyelashes.


Benefits of Studying at International Schools in Bangkok

There is a widespread belief that international schools offer quality tutoring. Thailand, Bangkok has many international learning institutions.  The following are the benefits of taking your kid to international schools in Bangkok

International Curriculum
The majority of international institutes in Thailand follow the universal curriculum. By enrolling in these schools, you ensure a smooth transition if your kid moves to another country.


Are IB Schools in Thailand worth It?

Besides both the British and American curricular, International Baccalaureate is the most sought-after owing to its popularity across the world. It is a curriculum trusted in over 100 countries around the globe, with a majority of notable UK and North American universities readily accepting students pursuing it.


4 Ways That a Boarding School Lays a Perfect Foundation for Your Child

Life in an international boarding school today is no longer about cold showers, creaky beds, and all those other sorts of stereotypes typical in ordinary Thai schools. In many of these elite institutions, boarding is now an intrinsic part of an awesome experience they offer kids.

For the pupils, boarding life is absolute fun and full of opportunities for both individual and academic growth. Further, spending all their days under the guidance of dedicated boarding staff also gives them the much-needed attention around-the-clock.


Should you go with a limited company option for the company registration in Thailand?

When you have the company registration in Thailand process starting, you are required to choose the type of business that you want to have. And most of the time this process can eb very tricky. That’s because it will be hard to figure out the right business format right off the bat. You need patience as you try to figure out a format and doing that is very challenging in of itself. But you have to be committed and try to find an option that’s good for you.


Hua Hin is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailind

Inside Thailand’s Best Hidden Jewel – Ultimate ‘Must-Dos’ in Hua Hin Beach

Thailand naturally ranks top on any adventure junkie’s list of must-visit spots in Asia and probably across the world. But, in a country with an overabundance of all-things alluring, from food and cultures to travel spots and warm weather, Hua Hin is the most popular.


Top Reasons for Visiting Hua Hin Resorts

After playing catch-up to other seaside regions in Thailand for a considerable period, Hua Hin is finally getting its much-deserved attention. Tourist numbers to this destination have been on the up in recent times, and here’s why.

Tranquil Environment

Hua Hin is not as populated as your typical tourist destination. As a visitor, it is always interesting to get a chance to interact with locals and learn more about the place. A reduced number of tourists also means that you are more likely to get a satisfying experience than in congested areas.


5 Treatments You Can Get From A Good Skin Clinic Bangkok

The skin is considered as the largest body organ. Therefore, it is important to keep it healthy and glowing. Most skin hospitals in Bangkok have been set up to provide tertiary skin care to their patients. A lot of these Skin Clinic Bangkok are equipped with approved and accredited equipment. Diagnosis and the type of treatment are normally available for many skin disorders.