International Schools of Bangkok

When you think of international schools of Bangkok, a name that comes up tops is the American School in Bangkok. Opening for the first time in 1983, they offer a programme that will take a child through from his or her nursery years through to the high school programme. Students receive their education through an American curriculum. The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) is known as an AP school. This is an Advanced Placement school. This means students are given the opportunity to pursue their studies at the college level while still in high school. They show that they have mastered the advanced studies when they do their Advanced Placement exams.

Excelling in academics and sports

The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) is also noted for its superb golf team, which comprises a Junior World Champion. There are 8 national champions and students get the chance to start to play golf from the age of 5. The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) also has a basketball team which has won many a tournament and championship; they compete in other sports such as football and baseball. 

Teachers in the The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) programme do an excellent job of being supportive to the students but encouraging them to be independent. Teachers help students right from the early years stressing planning, communication and planning as key to teaching. Many students enter the school environment for the first time ever in their young lives, and it is the role of The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) teachers to lay a solid cornerstone foundation for the future of a child. The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) teachers also keep in contact regularly with the parents of the students so that they can garnish a good school-home partnership. Sometimes the parent’s major concern is whether their children will socialise well and adapt to the type of academic environment of routine and structure of international schools of Bangkok. But they are well rewarded seeing the child develop through one year and eager for their next year in the learning process. 

Teachers invest in your child

Students from The American School Of Bangkok (ASB) are accepted at top colleges and universities all over the world, having studied in the faculties of education, science, marketing, aerospace engineering, medicine and much more, many receiving scholarships in their field of study. ASB is doing an excellent job of providing the leaders of the future.