New International School of Thailand, for your child’s sake


When you are busy deciding about a new international school of Thailand or a local one, you as a parent will need to ensure that the school you choose matches your educational philosophy and your beliefs as much as possible. You will want to know about the curriculum. What about the learning and thinking criteria? What about corporal punishment?  You need to evaluate your selected schools that meet your requirements and needs and that of your child as well.


Today’s parents are researching about international school because they realise that they are the schools providing students with absolute unlimited opportunity. They are realising that these are the schools and books that are relevant to world dynamics. The learning processes in international schools are noted as being more practical, more engaging, made possible by smaller classes. Because of the smaller classes, highly qualified teachers are able to offer individual attention to a child’s developmental needs. These type of schools greatly encourage independence in a child; self-learning. Research encourages students to be critical and independent thinkers, building and developing character strength. Students are taught to have independent views.


Many parents want their children to attend international schools, choosing universities for their children from abroad. It is generally accepted that those children who attend international schools have tremendous academic opportunity with top universities competing for the cream of the crop students.


Sound like the perfect kind of school for your child? KIS International School, Bangkok, is one such example. Their aim is to develop excellence in your child in a caring international environment.  They will develop the ‘whole child’ through outstanding resources and facilities, a broad and balanced curriculum, highly qualified staff and a wide range of extra-curricular programmes. Teachers are selected through a rigorous programme specifically designed so your child gets teaching excellence. That makes perfect sense – KIS International School strives to be the best it can, and it sees the results in its students; they are the best of the best.